Kemetco Research offers a wide range of metallurgical process development and environmental capabilities.  Our research capabilities provide our clients with competitive advantages and new business opportunities.  Kemetco Research has a well equipped extractive metallurgy laboratory and experienced staff capable of carrying out metallurgical test programs ranging from simple scoping tests to complex flowsheet development and optimization. 

Our engineering staff is also available to work with outside consultants carrying out feasibility studies or plant design work.  In addition, Kemetco has staff who can act as Qualified Persons under NI 43-101 for the public reporting of results from metallurgical test programs.  Kemetco's metallurgical testing capabilities cover most standard procedures used in the mining industry.





  • Rod or ball mill grinding, including the options of wet or dry grinds and steel or ceramic media.
  • Bulk screening, wet and dry sieves for particle size and fractional analysis capability.

  • Bond ball mill work index determinations.

  • Flotation testing, including bulk and selective flotation, kinetic testing, regrind and cleaning, and locked-cycle testing.

  • Gravity concentration can range from simple hand-panning for free gold recovery to larger batch testing with a Knelson concentrator, or continuous concentration or cleaning using a laboratory jig and shaking table.

  • Magnetic and electrostatic separation can be tested using a number of different laboratory units, including wet and dry magnetic separation, high and low intensity, and Davis Tube testing


  • Cyanide leaching for precious metals extraction using bottle rolls, stirred tanks or leaching columns

  • Acid or Alkaline leaching of ores using bottle rolls, stirred tanks or leaching columns

  • Solvent Extraction

  • Ion Exchange

  • Precipitation

  • Crystallization

  • Electrowinning


  • Partial oxidation of refractory ores and concentrates to enhance precious metal recovery

  • Leaching of base metal ores or concentrates

  • Selective metal extraction from complex sulphide ores or concentrates

  • Generation of process chemicals such as sulphides or carbonates

  • Selective metal recovery from leach solutions and waste water



    • In-Situ Leach Mining and Hydrometallurgical Processing to Recover Pb, Zn, Ca and Mn

    • Process Development to Recover Mn from Low Grade Ores

    • Mn Electrowinning Process Development

    • Process Development to Recover V from Fly Ash

    • Recovery of Zn from Oxide Tailings

    • Solvent Extraction to Recover Co, Ni and Ag from Spent Catalyst

    • Solvent Extraction to Recover Co from Co(NO3)2 Waste Streams

    • Diagnostic Leaching of Gold Ores to Optimize Gold Recovery as a Function of Mineralology

    • Toll Processing of Gold Ores from Non-Traditional Placer Deposits

    • Development of Non-Cyanide Leachants for Gold Recovery

    • Development of a Process to Recover Precious and Base Metals from E-Waste

    • Development of a Biological Process to Treat Acid Mine Drainage to Recover Metals Values

    • Electro-Refining of Iron

    • Development of a W Upgrading Technique by De-Sliming and Agglomeration

    • Recovery of Ag from Refractory Ores

    • Recycling of Metals and Ash from Waste Incinerators Using Mineral Processing Techniques

    • Recovery and Purification of V from Waste Salt