Kemetco Research responds to requests from clients who require chemical analysis services ranging from routine analyses to projects requiring customized experimental design, creative problem solving and interpretive reports. Kemetco Research works closely with clients whose projects may originate from either environmental or industrial process concerns. 

Kemetco chemists have substantial experience dating back to the 1970's with BC Research Inc, in developing analytical methods for sample matrices ranging from pristine water to effluent and highly complex industrial process samples.  The intimate knowledge of customer samples, their origin and know-how in dealing with sample specific interferences related to analytical procedures and ready access to our staff to obtain information set us apart from other laboratories providing contract analysis support.



  • Comprehensive environmental analytical services for permit compliance with major analytes including pH, conductance, hardness, alkalinity, acidity, chloride, sulphate, nitrate, nitrite ammonia, TKN, total phosphorus, dissolved phosphorus, ortho-phosphorus, metals and metal speciation, BOD, COD, phenols, resin/fatty acids

  • Chlorine analysis including assay, nitrogen trichloride, bromine, heavy metals incl. mercury, residue, moisture, VOC's

  • Sulfuric Acid including ICP/MS metal scan, sulfur dioxide, ammonium, chloride, fluoride, assay, appearance, colour, oxides of nitrogen, heavy metals as lead, char test, NVR

  • Caustic Soda and potash including ICP metals, sulphate, heavy metals as lead, carbonate, fluoride, bromide, chlorate

  • HCl including FCC compliant total extractable organics, benzene, fluoride, bromide, oxidizing/reducing substances, heavy metals as lead, ICP total metals, sulphate, NVR, assay

  • Sulfur quality control analysis including total carbon, assay, ICP total metals, moisture, total nitrogen, acidity, ash, sulphide

  • Numerous other analyses provided upon request


  • Development of test kit for measurement of bromine concentrations  in hydrochloric acid.

  • Seed acclimation and testing of secondary settling tank effluent for nitrifier maximum specific growth rate

  • Shelf life testing of bisulfite solutions and their reaction with chlorine and permanganate.

  • Measurement of depletion rate for copper based marine coatings.

  • Efficacy testing of residual chlorine dioxide from bleach plant effluent for disinfection of domestic sewage.

  • Health risk assessment for residues from printed wine bottles.

  • Development of analysis procedure for measurement of cyanide in pure cupric thiocyanate.

  • Analytical method development for analysis of perchlorates in presence of chlorate

  • Developed and commercialized the FiltroMateTM water and wastewater laboratory filtration system (with several units sold to major commercial laboratories.)