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Chemical Process

The demand for process technologies that are both efficient and environmentally acceptable is increasing rapidly world-wide. Many industries are therefore developing new chemical processes to achieve such benefits as improved performance, ease of control, reduced costs and improved environmental protection.

Kemetco's personnel encompass a diverse group of chemical specialists with expertise in synthesis of compounds, chemical pollution control, fuel cell, battery and fundamental corrosion research. Kemetco's operation is well equipped with wet chemistry space, pilot areas and an in-house work shop.

Kemetco can support with evaluating existing technologies (patents and literature reviews), troubleshooting and optimizing existing processes, bench scale studies to better define process parameters and finally pilot plant demonstrations. Custom testing includes specialty gases, high or low temperature processing and high pressure.

Kemetco has a full range of chemical analysis instrumentation, including GC, HPLC, IC, TOC, N/C/S analyzers to support research and development activities which enables Kemetco to provide high quality services with fast turn around times.

Kemetco manages the in-house R&D facility for a large multi-national chlorate manufacturer and a venture capital investment firm that specializes in financing environmental technologies.

Service Categories

Evaluation of existing technologies (patent and literature reviews)

Custom bench scale studies using low, high temperature, specialty gases and high pressure

Chemical Process R&D

Electrochemical Process R&D

Catalyst Development and Evaluation

Fuel Cell Development and Evaluation

Fundamental Corrosion R&D

Chemical Pollution Control

Intellectual Property Management

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Projects Overview

• Electrochemical Reduction of CO2

• Catalyst Development for Electrochemical Production of Sodium Chlorate

• Electrochemical Production of Lithium Chlorate from Lithium Chloride

• Electrochemical Corrosion Studies for Stainless Steel Selection

• Electrochemical Production of Lithium Hydroxide from Lithium Chloride

• Electrochemical Production of Lithium Hydroxide from Lithium Sulfate

• Development of Neutral Salt Electrochemical Metal Cleaning Systems

• Development of an ORP probe for high temperature and pressure applications

• Development of a Process to Recycle Waste Polyurethane to Polyols

• Corrosion Studies by Weight Loss of Specialty Alloys in High Temp Organic Acids

• Carbon dioxide sequestration studies