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Mineral Processing

Kemetco has the facilities and experienced staff to evaluate a wide variety of mineral processing techniques including comminution and sizing, gravity separation, magnetic separation and froth flotation, covering a wide range of mineral types and process applications, including precious metals, refractory ores, complex sulphides, oxide ores, brines and reprocessing of wastes.

Kemetco Research has a well-equipped mineral processing laboratory and experienced staff capable of carrying out mineral process test programs ranging from simple scoping tests to complex flowsheet development and optimization. Our capabilities cover standard process methods but can allow for customized process development aimed at identifying the best process options, even for the most challenging applications.

For example, our flotation capabilities include common air-froth selective mineral flotation, but also extend to custom testing using inert or specialty gas flotation, high or low temperature processing, saturated brine flotation or unique conditioning and reagent combinations.

Service Categories


  • • Rod/ball milling
  • • Wet/dry
  • • Steel/ceramic media
  • • screening and fractional analysis


  • • Bench and pilot scale
  • • Bulk Flotation
  • • Selective flotation
  • • Kinetic testing
  • • Column flotation testing
  • • Locked-cycle testing

Gravity Separation

  • • Knelson centrifugal separator
  • • Mineral jigs
  • • Shaking tables
  • • Hand-panning

Slurry characterization

  • • Rheology
  • • Particle size distribution (dry/wet screening, jet sieve screening, wet screening and laser diffraction)
  • • Pulp density determination
  • • Oxygen uptake determination
  • • Slurry flocculation and settling studies
  • • Filtration (vacuum and pressure) studies

Magnetic and electrostatic separation testing

Projects Overview

• Boric acid flotation from brines

• Copper-nickel-cobalt & PGM flotation from ultramafic deposits

• Impact of process solution on lead zinc silver flotation

• Copper and gold flotation from vein deposits

• Copper and molybdenum porphyry flotation

• Carbonaceous matter flotation

• Selective flotation of arsenopyrite from pyrite concentrate

• Flotation of acid-consuming carbonates from manganese ores

• Vanadium shale flotation

• Carbon flotation from e-waste pyrolysis products

• Graphite flotation for battery recycling

• Upgrading of tungsten slimes from tailings using agglomeration and gravity

• Gold and silver flotation from municipal waste combustion ash.