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Green Technology

Today’s challenge is developing environmentally friendly, economically viable, and energy-efficient processes. Whether it is pollutant removal, nutrient recovery, reducing the carbon footprint, minimizing waste or protecting human health and the environment, Kemetco supports clients in achieving their goal.

Service Categories

Chemical Pollution control

Nutrient recovery

Carbon dioxide sequestration/reduction

Water treatment

Reformulation of products using chemicals facing environmental and regulatory constraints

Characterization of properties of new renewable materials

Projects Overview

• Health risk assessment for residues from printed wine bottles

• Development of environmentally friendly coating to prevent corrosion in ship cargo holds

• Development of Neutral Salt Electrochemical Metal Cleaning Systems to replace pickling acids

• Ammonia recovery from process solutions

• Development of a process to treat boron contaminated wastewater

• Cyanide destruction bench and pilot scale studies

• Arsenic and mercury removal from cyanide process solutions